Pillar Fayetteville is led by elders/pastors. At this stage in the church planting process, they are also church planters. Our church planters are men who have been recognized by their sending church as qualified pastors. As a principle, we seek to plant Pillar Church with a plurality (at least two) co-equal pastors who will preach the Word, care for church members, and train others to know Jesus and make Him known. 

Johnathon Baggett

Johnathon Baggett and his wife Lindsay were born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. While pastoring near Fayetteville in 2018, God called Johnathon to plant a church in a military community. To answer and prepare for this call, the Baggetts partnered with the Praetorian Project, and Johnathon completed a residency at Pillar Church of Woodlawn, Virginia. They once again live in Fayetteville, where Johnathon serves as one of the pastors at Immanuel Baptist Church. He desires to see a Pillar Church planted in his hometown! Johnathon is passionate about ministering to the military, discipling families through the challenges of life, and equipping the church to fulfill the Great Commission to bring the Gospel to all nations.

John Tolleson

John and his wife Maggie currently live in Jacksonville, North Carolina where John serves as one of the pastors of Pillar Church of Topsail. John has been a part of Praetorian Project churches since 2017, and is thrilled to join the effort in Fayetteville! John spent five years active duty in the Marine Corps, and now enjoys life as a reservist. He has a deep love for biblical theology, preaching and teaching, and discipling people in God’s Word.  He and his wife Maggie have been married for six years, have three young children, and are both passionate about biblical parenting.

Elders (or pastors) are biblically qualified men who oversee the local church, particularly through teaching God’s Word, praying, caring for church members, and training members to do the work of ministry. These are the men our congregation has recognized as elders.

 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-5